quantity surveying


When building a new home, extending your home or renovating, one question is always to the forefront of people’s minds: How much does it cost? The cost to build a house in India is influenced by several factors unique to each project.


We provide Quantity Surveying & Estimating Services to a wide variety of clients in the private and public sectors including contractors and sub-contractors. Our starting point is an appreciation of our Client’s needs, requirements and aspirations for the project. SAMSCO Quantity Surveyors primary goal is to establish and meet client’s objectives, and to provide clients with the best possible services resulting in a finished project that is completed both on time and within budget.


SAMSCO QS Consultants can help you to provide a detailed Bill of Quantities/ materials, set out specifically for your home and your unique needs. This will include providing measurements/ quantities all items of material and labour in addition to costs of each single item of material. SAMSCO QS Consultants will then explain every item in detail and in plain and simple language. All work will be carried out by a qualified Quantity Surveyor.

This will allow you to accurately forecast the cost of your home, extension or renovation before you begin the construction process. SAMSCO QS Consultants can also provide you with advice, based on experience on how to reduce your costs without sacrificing your vision. Please feel free to contact SAMSCO QS Consultant for further details.